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What is and what is it used for? is the only safe, easy, and private email self-penetration testing platform with everything you need to test and validate the security of any email system.

The concept: is to send yourself phishing & fraud emails using all the possible ways hackers can fake email; to test if an email system will drop the fraud email or allow fraud email in. If you get any of the clearly marked test emails, there are instructions inside with hints on how to correct the configuration.


Why is there a need for

  1. We found that even the advanced and carefully configured email security systems have security controls that are misconfigured or simply do not work

  2. Ransomware is initialized by email fraud

  3. Penetration tests are complicated, expensive, and exposes flaws to a 3rd party



Why is free?

It's not. It has a cost of course but we decided that the global ransomware problem was important enough to get the word out first and then see who will jump in and help.


I didn't receive any email from, am I safe?

No, the best way to know you are protected is to have your system validated by our team.

Disclaimer: By using this site you are not safer, nor proving you are safe from anything in any way. This is simply a test tool to help you figure out how exposed (not safe) you might be. Sometimes the emails can take a few minutes to get delivered but typically our emails are delivered within 10 minutes. If its slow, its probably you, not us. Our end of the operation is very fast and simple. If this site stops working correctly please
let us know. If you did not receive any of our emails, this is not an indicator that you are protected. Check SPAM and other protection mechanisms. 

If you received one of our test emails then your systems are very likely vulnerable. If you received one of these emails in your SPAM your systems are very likely vulnerable.


What are you doing with my email address?

You will not get spam sourced from us! This site does not sell your email to ad firms that will annoy you later. We don't store it in a database, we just help you test. We run analytics on site traffic and the number of emails tests. We are interested in how valuable the tool is and how we can make it better for you. We hope to use this data to attract better paying advertisers. This site is not for profit, it's just here to help the security community.


If you find this site useful help us out!

The best way to help is to tell your friends and colleagues on social media. Show people how to use this site. Or use the site as a tool in your own consulting practice. Another way to help is feedback! Tell us how to be better. Use the form below.  

Finally, a great way to help is to test often. We see you out there and we appreciate you!




What is Spoofing?

Email spoofing is sending an email as someone else in attempt to “phish” or trick someone into thinking the email is from someone it is not. There are a few different methods used; 

“Spoof” name



Impersonated domains


Domain look-alikes

Reverse DNS

Fake domains

Reverse DNS

Impersonation of internal user

Internal Authentication, Internal SPF


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I received one or more emails from, what is my exposure?

The security exposure is shown below:


Email Received



Email 0a, 1a, 2a, 3a 
  • DMARC = Qurantine | Relaxed SPF | Relaxed DKIM  [v=DMARC1; p=quarantine;;; fo=1:d:s; adkim=r; aspf=s; sp=reject]
  • SPF = Allow subnet, deny others  [v=spf1 ip4: -all]
  • DKIM = email not signed [selector = a1, v=DKIM1; k=rsa; p=ZW1...]
Subdomain enforcement If you received email 0a the someone could impersonate a subdomain ( of a moderately protected firm. 1a, 2a, and 3a check for subdomain rejection of their respective configurations.

Email 1 - DMARC set for strict SPF alignment but SPF is set to deny all

  • DMARC = Reject | Strict SPF | Strict DKIM  [v=DMARC1; p=reject;;; fo=1:d:s; adkim=s; aspf=s; sp=reject]
  • SPF = Deny all senders  [v=spf1 -all]
  • DKIM = email not signed [selector = default, v=DKIM1; k=rsa; p=MIIB...]


DMARC alignment with SPF

If you received “Email 1” your email system does not protect you from forged emails from any other sites with very good anti-fraud defenses in place. Sites could email you impersonating any site on the web.

Email 2 - DMARC set for strict DKIM alignment but enmail is not DKIM signed

  • DMARC = Reject | Relaxed SPF | Strict DKIM [v=DMARC1; p=reject;;; fo=1:d:s; adkim=s; aspf=r; sp=reject]
  • SPF = Not configured (Neutral)
  • DKIM = email not signed (Selector = default) [selector = default, v=DKIM1; k=rsa; p=MIIB...]

DKIM enforcement via DMARC

If you received “Email 2” your email system does not protect you from impersonation of sites that only DKIM sign their emails. Someone could forge an email in this manner and send it to you without a DKIM signature and your users would likely never know.

Email 3 – SPF set to reject all, DMARC set to none

  • DMARC = None | Strict SPF | Relaxed DKIM [v=DMARC1; p=none;;; fo=1:d:s; adkim=r; aspf=s; sp=reject]
  • SPF = Reject all [v=spf1 -all]
  • DKIM = email not signed (Selector = default) selector = default, v=DKIM1; k=rsa; p=MIIB...]

SPF enforcement

If you received “Email 3” your email system does not protect you from email coming from fake senders. Anyone can send mail to you as anyone.

Email 4 -email from you, to you

Internal Authentication, Internal SPF enforcement

If you received “Email 4” your email system does not protect you from an outside entity impersonating a user internal to your company.

Email 5 -invalid domain name, no SPF, no DKIM

Reverse DNS lookups on email

If you received “Email 5” your email system does not protect you from “look-alike” or non-existent domains.

*Note: The tests performed by are not "all inclusive" and only represent some of the common mis-configurations possible with email. This site makes no guarantees or promises of any type!

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EmailSpoofTest creator Chuck Sirois:
Phish in a Barrel, How email threats work
EmailSpoofTest creator Chuck Sirois:
Cyber Security CPU micro-architecture




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Quick Secure

(starting at 4 service hours at $400-$1200 USD)

Align with: US Department of Homeland Security, Binding Operational Directive 18-01

DHS BOD 18-01

Use this service to pass the audits and also leverage email security experts to perform advanced fraud analysis.

Great for firms that are having problems passing the tests on this site. Every firm that has email should pass the automatic fraud tests. US Federal organizations and businesses that support federal agencies will need to comply with DHS BOD 18-01 by passing the tests on this site. Agencies can use this "Quick Secure" service to become compliant.

Email security controls that should be in place today and checked often; Quick Secure should be done monthly for State/ Local & Federal Agencies.

Validate standard email security controls with Quick Secure; where, email security experts help get your email to the latest secure standard.


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Ransomware Lockdown & Control Validation

(starting at 20 service hours $2000-$4000 USD)

Prepare for attack!


This lockdown is great for high-security and federal agencies that are likely targets for ransomware.

Ransomware Lockdown & Control Validation includes an email environment analysis from the inside and as an outside threat. Defenses, access controls, user preparation, and ability to respond to the unexpected are evaluated and adjustments implemented to ensure system availability and privacy.

These are security validations that should happen quarterly.

An official " seal of Trustworthiness" which can be added to the footer of organizational email with successful completion of this program.


Get Lockdown now





Email DLP Validation

(starting at 8 service hours $800-$1600 USD)

Secure data!


Great for hospitals, banks, and insurance carriers to protect data in email and comply with common data privacy standards.

It is recommended and standard practice to validate DLP controls monthly for PCI and HIPAA compliant businesses.

An official " seal of Data Protection" can be added to the footer of organizational email with successful completion of this program.


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Full-service email infrastructure and security offerings
Please use the contact form below for any of the following services;


Email Solutions & Services for cloud & on-prem

Email, communications & office services 

  • Selecting a cloud email service provider (SaaS, IaaS)

  • Cloud Migrations and Hybrid



Email Security

Secure Email Gateway (SEG) selection

  • SEG upkeep services 

    • Security assessments

    • Selecting on-premise email solutions

    • Security tuning

      • 24x7 advanced fraud monitoring

  • Implementation services

  • Email security solution selection



User Training

Phishing training solution selection;

  • End user training programs

  • Implementation services



Email DLP

Email & Enterprise DLP (Data Loss Prevention/Protection)

  • on-prem

  • cloud

  • hybrid



Managed Email Security


Managed phishing and fraud protection

Managed phishing training

Managed cloud & on-prem email deployments

Managed email compliance

Managed email security

Managed cloud & on-prem DLP



Engineering Services

Email Anti-Fraud (spam & malware)

Product implementation services

Product tuning and management




Strategy Services


Risk  Strategy alignment

3rd party risk & validation



Custom Services


VIP Security services - Dark web monitoring

Penetration Testing (breach assessment)

Systems hardening

Hacking, reversing, fuzzing, and non-traditional security control testing

Endpoint Threat Defense & Ransomware Prevention



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