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By performing the tests on this site you agree that; this site is free for personal use only and business use requires registration for an advanced account.

This site is a tool to be used by trained professionals for the use-cases outlined below.


2019 we created to fight the global ransomware-by-phishing crisis that we could see unfolding globally. After 2 years of development, we are happy to have hundreds of companies per-day using this platform to secure their email environments.

We are just getting started from our “garage days” with my personal savings used to develop and keep the tool available. We have no outside investors and we are growing fast!

To continue, I’ll need to ask for your support: Please help our business keep the ONLY public penetration testing tool for email available by having your business buy a license (also, please show the tool to friends and colleagues). We created pricing that works for customers, keeps the lights on, and lets us build planned features into the platform. Please use the form on the right to get a license.

We aren't sure if this low pricing will last so get it while it's cheap!

$49.95 per email domain, per month +support

Your support will help our veteran owned, family business.

-Chuck & Team

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How other businesses are using

Pentesters, Red Teams, and Managed Security Providers use our MSP License to test email security controls for their customers.

Businesses with compliance needs for ISO, NIST, PCI, HIPAA, BOD 1801 should build our Business License into continuous monitoring, continuous improvement, and companies with a SOC run our tools daily to ensure ongoing protection.


  1. Continuous improvement -showing a trend of consistently checking and improving email security for good cyber-hygiene
  2. Change control for email and DNS -changes or updates to an email system or DNS can cause huge gaps that go unnoticed without testing. Test your controls to ensure security as part of the change control process
  3. DNS can expire and change -DNS is often changed by multiple groups wthin a company causing email security holes that go unnoticed without testing. Also, DNS can expire, changing your environment leaving exposure
  4. Cloud email changes -IP changes, DNS changes, gateway changes… we find that cloud email environments with shared IP spaces like Gsuite or M365 need the most work out of the box and require ongoing security control validation
  5. Email security & detection mechanisms are dynamic and change constantly -this means you need to be checking for the latest BEC and phish-kit attacks often
  6. Compliance & Audit Operating Directives -like BOD 1801, ISO, PCI, HIPAA, NIST… all require validating security controls by testing regularly


Site Use-Cases

Personal use Am I protected?

Personal non-business, & educational users use this site to learn about mail systems and set up testing environments. No advance mode license required.


Business use; Change Control Have my business defenses changed?

Changes to an email environment can leave holes that go unnoticed for years. Businesses use this site to validate controls after a change or update to email or email security. Most test at least once per month for each mail domain and after changes. Advanced license is required.


Business use; Penetration Test/ Security Assessments Is my business vulnerable?

Assessing the security posture for inbound mail fraud, spoofing executives, and penetration testing relays are just a few of the ways to use this site to assess and test email infrastructure. Advanced license is required.

Business use; Business value, email security efficacy & security software sales Do my customers need help?

This site is used to start pre-sales discussions around email security and prove efficacy during proof of concept comparisons. Advanced license is required.







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