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About emailSpoofTest.com

Unveiling Email Security Vulnerabilities: Introducing EmailSpoofTest.com
Built and maintained by the security experts at Ignite Cyber, EmailSpoofTest.com stands as the only publicly available tool specifically designed to test email spoofing vulnerabilities. While other solutions focus on generic "phish" tests or basic configuration checks for RFC compliance, EmailSpoofTest.com goes a step further. It simulates real-world phishing attacks by sending carefully crafted fraudulent emails directly to your inbox, replicating the tactics employed by attackers. This unique approach provides a reliable and targeted assessment of your email security posture.

Born out of Extensive Experience:
Ignite Cyber's extensive experience in penetration testing for government agencies and major enterprises revealed a critical gap in email security. Even with systems hardened according to best practices, email configurations often failed to adequately protect user inboxes from fraudulent emails. This highlighted the dependence of email security on several factors:

- The inherent functionality of email vendor controls (which may not always work as intended)
- Necessary DNS changes
- Email server updates and modifications
- Configuration of cloud environments

Given these variables, the need for daily testing of email security controls became readily apparent. Before EmailSpoofTest.com, pentesters and businesses lacked a reliable solution to answer the critical question: "Do my email security controls effectively block fraudulent spoof emails?"

Before EmailSpoofTest.com:
Traditional email fraud testing relied heavily on open-source tools and involved extensive preparation and customization to build a dedicated test environment. This approach often yielded unreliable results, hindering effective security testing. These challenges led to a widespread neglect of email security controls within the cybersecurity industry, leaving organizations vulnerable to ransomware and malware attacks often initiated through email compromise.

A Global Solution:
Recognizing the global nature of this vulnerability, Ignite Cyber undertook the challenge of creating a tool that not only pinpoints weaknesses in email security controls but also facilitates a safe and effective remediation process - all while being readily accessible to a broad audience.

Being a global issue; Ignite Cyber took on the challenge to create tooling that could not only pinpoint the flaws in security controls but also helps remediate any issues in a safe way, available to all.

Protecting your inbox from deceit

EmailSpoofTest.com is your one-stop shop for proactive email security testing. We empower individuals and organizations to take control of their email defense by providing a user-friendly platform to identify and address email spoofing vulnerabilities.

Be cautious of other tools provided by email security manufacturers. Their business relies on detecting threats AFTER they have hit your inbox. Its often that people pass other tools but score poorly using emailSpoofTest.com. Think about it; if you stop the attacks BEFORE they hit the inbox, what will be left to do for that over-priced email security solution?

Why Email Security Matters?

Email remains a critical communication channel for businesses and individuals alike. Unfortunately, it's also a prime target for cybercriminals who employ email spoofing to launch sophisticated attacks. Spoofing involves manipulating email headers to make them appear legitimate, often mimicking trusted sources like colleagues, banks, or even government agencies.

The consequences of falling victim to a spoofing attack can be severe, leading to:

Data Breaches: Sensitive information like login credentials or financial data can be stolen.

Financial Losses: Business Email Compromise (BEC) scams, a common form of email spoofing, can result in significant financial losses.

Reputational Damage: Spoofed emails can damage your organization's reputation by eroding trust with customers and partners.

How emailSpoofTest.com Helps

EamilSpoofTest.com equips you with the tools to combat email spoofing attempts:

Simulated spoof tests: Send test emails with various spoofing configurations directly to your inbox.

Clear Test Identification: Our test emails are clearly marked to avoid confusion with real phishing attempts.

Detailed Reporting: Gain valuable insights into how your email client or security software handles spoofed emails.

Actionable Recommendations: Based on the test results, we provide clear recommendations to improve your email security posture.

Our Commitment to Security and Trust

At emailSpoofTest.com, your privacy and security are paramount. We adhere to industry best practices for data protection and constantly evolve our platform to stay ahead of emerging email spoofing threats.

This site is ugly because it is built security first; with no 3rd party code, ZeroTrust, security first by design.

Join the Fight Against Email Spoofing

Start your free trial today and experience the peace of mind that comes with knowing your email security is up to par! By proactively testing your defenses, you can significantly reduce the risk of falling victim to an email based attack.

Our paying customers

While emailSpoofTest.com is still in its infancy many organizations see the value of testing email security daily, to maintain hardened email protections, as a part of their daily SOC operations:

4 Govenment agency customers: Governments that rely on the ability to trust email use emailSpoofTest.com daily to maintain consistent email security.

8 Financial customers: Banks, credit unions, and trading firms use emailSpoofTest.com to protect executives from whaling attacks.

16 Manufacturing customers: Manufacturers prevent supply-chain impersonation with emailSpoofTest.com.

4 Insurance providers: Health and property insurance providers use emailSpoofTest.com to prevent email fraud and provide a better "chain of custody" for email.

12 Technology customers: Technology providers use our tooling on a daily basis to protect themselves and their clients. One of the largest, well-known, cybersecurity businesses and the biggest email security provider used our tooling to correct their email posture.

How businesses are using EmailSpoofTest.com

Penetration testers, Red Teams, and Managed Security Providers use EmailSpoofTest.com to test and correct email security controls for their customers.

Businesses with compliance needs for ISO, NIST, PCI, HIPAA, BOD 1801 build EmailSpoofTest.com into continuous monitoring, continuous improvement, and companies with a SOC run our tools daily to ensure ongoing protection.

Continuous improvement -Businesses use EmailSpoofTest.com to show a trend of consistently checking and improving email security for good cyber-hygiene, due diligence, and reduced cyber-liability.

3rd party risk mandates -Financial institutions use EmailSpoofTest.com as a 3rd party risk requirement to ensure that business partners are secure from email-based supply-chain attacks.

Change control for email and DNS -Businesses use EmailSpoofTest.com after changes or updates to an email system or DNS which can cause huge gaps that go unnoticed without testing. Test your controls with EmailSpoofTest.com to ensure security as part of the change control process.

DNS can expire and change -DNS is often changed by multiple groups within a company causing email security holes that go unnoticed without testing. Also, DNS can expire, changing your environment leaving exposure.

Cloud email changes -IP changes, DNS changes, gateway changes… we find that cloud email environments with shared IP spaces like Gsuite or M365 need the most work out of the box and require ongoing security control validation Email security & detection mechanisms are dynamic and change constantly -this means you need to be checking for the latest BEC and phish-kit attacks often

Compliance & Audit Operating Directives -like BOD 1801, ISO, PCI, HIPAA, NIST… all require validating email security controls by testing with EmailSpoofTest.com regularly.

EmailSpoofTest.com TOS

By using this site you agree to:

Personal use: Am I protected?
Personal non-business, & educational users use this site to learn about mail systems and set up testing environments. No purchase required.

Business use; Change Control Have my business defenses changed?
Changes to an email environment can leave holes that go unnoticed for years. Businesses use this site to validate controls after a change or update to email or email security. Most test at least once per month for each mail domain and after changes. License purchase is required.

Business use; Penetration Test/ Security Assessments Is my business vulnerable?
Assessing the security posture for inbound mail fraud, spoofing executives, and penetration testing relays are just a few of the ways to use this site to assess and test email infrastructure. License purchase is required.

Business use; Business value, email security efficacy & security software sales Do my customers need help? This site is used to start pre-sales discussions around email security and prove efficacy during proof of concept comparisons. License purchase is required.


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