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Test 10 email security controls everyone should have in 4 steps:
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Step 1:
enter target email

Step 2:  
Step 3: Check target inbox - test emails are delivered within a few minutes.  
Step 4: Score yourself: Results Scorecard

Safely answers; "Do I have a problem with my email security?"


Advanced Fraud Testing
(passcode required)

OPTIONAL: Enable advanced fraud testing features to completely spoof/ create fake BEC style phishing emails, test SSL, and test email through custom relay/ gateways with a valid code.

Enter advanced fraud tool access code:

(Advanced) Impersonation Fraud Testing

Impersonate any sender's email; use look-alike domains, or impersonate a domain with confusable characters.

Example look-a-likes: email@ë
Example BEC supply-chain attack impersonating your favorite vendor like:
Copy confusable characters from here

Email From:
Email subject:

Email message :

(Advanced) Disarmed Live/ Real Phishing Testing


Send "Office 365 V4 Phish Kit" like formatted password reset fraud from fake domain:

Send "Office 365 V4 Phish Kit" like formatted password reset fraud from target domain:

Send "LogoKit" like formatted fake voice message from fake domain:

Send "LogoKit" like formatted fake voice message from target domain:

(more coming soon, check back often)

(Basic) Relay Modifiers

Sending email relay:
Email security systems often check blacklists or lists of known spam sources analyzing inbound email for validity. All of our emails are currently sourced from blacklisted email servers. This tests the reputational awareness of email security.

(Advanced) Relay Modifiers

Optional: overide email relay testing below or leave fields blank to use pre-configured test servers from the drop-down list above.

Override email relay server:
Override email relay port:
Override relay user:
Override relay password:

Force SSL:



Email Testing Results email security lab console - see licensing for restrictions
2021 IGNITE Cyber

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